How can you discuss the things you're passionate about and still preserve your privacy?

You should have the freedom to express yourself without consequences.

What’s stopping us from sharing our views online?

  • We can't freely express ourselves online without being forced to give up our personal information or jeopardizing our privacy.
  • We’re afraid what we say will be used against us or exploited by others.
  • We can’t stop what we share from possibly being misunderstood and damaging our reputation.

That’s why it’s time for an alternative approach to expressing ourselves online...

With Social X,
Virtual Artifacts is developing technologies that allow you to safely interact online on your own terms, while protecting your privacy and reputation.

How Social X Works

Unlike many online communication services, we will never betray your privacy. Not now, nor in the future. Your data will always remain yours and no one else’s.

You will have the security of knowing you can take your private data back and erase your digital footprints at any time, with no copy left behind. That’s our guarantee.

As part of our promise, we will never change those terms in our policy as it pertains to your privacy. With Social X, we guarantee your right to be forgotten.

Don’t think we’re serious? Just watch us.

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