How can you preserve your privacy and still talk about the things you’re passionate about?

You should have the freedom to express yourself without consequences.

What’s stopping us from sharing our views online?

  • We can't freely express ourselves online without being forced to give up our personal information or jeopardizing our privacy.
  • We’re afraid what we say will be used against us or exploited by others.
  • We can’t stop what we share from possibly being misunderstood and damaging our reputation.

That’s why it’s time for an alternative approach to expressing ourselves online...

With Social X,
Virtual Artifacts is developing technologies that allow you to safely interact online on your own terms, while protecting your privacy and reputation.

If we can’t deliver our promise that we make with Social X then we shouldn’t exist in the first place. You should continue to use micro-blogging platforms as they are today.

Don’t think we’re serious? Just watch us.

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