What is SocialX?

SocialX addresses the current issues surrounding social media, showcases inspiring ideas and innovative solutions, and acts as a go-to reference for marketers looking to get the most from their social media presence.

Despite the prominent role social media now plays in business, there is a dearth of relevant information about how marketers can engage with their fan base. In an effort to fill this void, the SocialX website strives to support marketers by providing in-depth analysis of social media.

What does SocialX offer?

SocialX provides a comprehensive overview of the entire social media experience. It acts as both a setting for the exchange of expertise and as a source of exciting news. In particular, it helps marketers, decision makers and community managers find all they need to know about the ever-changing world of social media.

Rather than just preaching the virtues of social networking, SocialX sets out to present real solutions to the social media problems facing marketers today. Challenges such as: growing a community; cultivating meaningful engagement; gaining market insight; and, supporting active collaboration.

By analyzing the current social media challenges in various industries, and by showcasing potential solutions to tackle such issues, SocialX helps marketers get the best out of social media.

SocialX Contributors

mulligan Samuel Mulligan
With a background in communications and public relations, Samuel has worked with a number of international organizations both in the private and public sectors. From providing content for the European Commission and the World Anti-Doping Agency to reporting on sporting events, he has written for a wide variety of online and print publications.


Ingrid Hein
Ingrid Hein is an online communications specialist and founder of MyOnlineContent.com offering creative content and social media strategies for organizations and small business. Her background is in journalism and community management, specializing in technology and culture. She has been published  in Wired, Report on Business Magazine, McLeans, Shift magazine and had a weekly column in both Eye (Toronto) and Hour (Montreal.) She contributed regularly to the CBC National Technology Panel. Her work in web site strategies won her an award for the National Film Board of Canada Citizenshift community web initiative, and a Webby Award nomination for Eye on the Arctic (CBC).  She was also responsible for helping a group of youth develop a community newspaper in rural South Africa.  Today, Ingrid manages a team of web writers, delivering content in digital formats for web sites, blogs, newsletters, social media and more.  On twitter: @ingridhein